MATEC S.r.l.'s production and marketing activities concern mechanical components for lifting and handling systems.
In particular, our main standard products are:

Whether built out of metal or with a microcellular structure, they make it possible to solve any problem where impact absorption is required.

- Drum brakes in accordance with standards DIN 15435
- Service disc brakes with electrohydraulic servo brake
- Electromagnetic service disc brakes type PY
- Flexible couplings and/or pulleys with brake band in accordance with standards DIN 15431 made out of engineering cast iron G25 UNI 5007 or nodular cast iron GS600.2 UNI 4544-74
- Flexible couplings
- Solid or self-ventilated brake discs, possibly complete with flexible couplings.

Load limiters for fixed end applications and ampere absorption electronic load limiters.

- Brake shoe and disc brake pad regeneration
- Overhaul of all brands of servo brakes
- Supply of mechanical components from drawings, such as forged steel wheels, pulleys, couplings and special brake shoes, etc.

Recent cooperation agreements with leading national and foreign companies have allowed us to significantly broaden the range and quality of the services we offer.